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Kendra Salois

Visiting Assistant Professor
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Kendra Salois is an ethnomusicologist whose research resides at the intersection of faith affiliations, popular musicking, and transnational markets, primarily in North Africa and the Middle East. Her dissertation explored the relationship between Moroccan hip hop aesthetics, practitioners' ethics, and changing discourses of citizenship in the context of thirty years of economic neoliberalization. Her research has been funded by the International Institute of Education Fulbright Program, the American Institute for Maghrebi Studies, and UC Berkeley's Center for Middle Eastern Studies. Her work has appeared or will appear in Anthropological Quarterly, Sociology of Islam, The New Inquiry, and the edited volume Islam and Popular Culture (Karin van Nieuwkerk, Martin Stokes, and Mark LeVine, eds., forthcoming). 
Research interests: Hip hop and other Afro-diasporic musical practices in the US, Morocco, and the Muslim world; North African popular musics; trans-Saharan and trans-Atlantic musical circulation; popular music in the post-industrial US; music and diplomacy; neoliberalization, cosmopolitanism, and translocal senses of belonging.

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