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Clear Link Found between Warming Climate and Rise in Ocean-Bourne Bacterial Illnesses

A UMD-led, international study shows that there has been a clear correlation between warming of North Atlantic waters, increasing numbers of Vibrio bacteria.

Concern Over NI HE’s Post-Brexit Future Runs High

High levels of deprivation and low labour productivity could amplify the impact of Brexit in NI, Heenan said. 

Smith Researchers: Zika Exposes IT Gaps

Incidents like the Zika crisis bring the issue to the forefront, says Ritu Agarwal, Robert H. Smith Dean's Chair of IS.

How Britain’s Brexit Could Benefit Universities Elsewhere

A new survey suggests that prospective international students are already reconsidering whether to study in Britain. 

Virtual University of Uganda ‘Changing Mindsets’

Sub-Saharan Africa’s first online university will help other institutions in the region to embrace technology. 

The Variables Governing the ‘Rise and Fall of Nations’

The method that Sharma follows in his economic forecasting makes for an entertaining read. 

Israel Boycott Row ‘Destroying Relationships’ in US Universities

Scholar argues that discussion could benefit from more light and less heat. 

Paddle to the Medal

In Third Attempt at Making Olympic Team, Undergrad to Kayak in Rio. 

China: What Are the Lessons of Expansion

New report indicates that more doesn’t always mean more equal. 

Turkey's Fraying International Ties

A crackdown on Turkey’s higher education sector after a failed coup has far-reaching effects for academic collaboration.