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Global Classrooms


What if you…

… could build a robot with teammates in Turkey?
… were researching water policy with students in Israel?
… and your peers in Australia designed a climate change awareness campaign?
… could do all of this and more without even leaving campus?

Global Classrooms are virtual, project-based courses offered in collaboration with partner universities abroad. Learn, share, and work together with peers from around the world to tackle global problems and design tangible solutions. Create deliverables with real-world applicability. Grow your international network of like-minded future colleagues, and prepare to make a positive impact on the issues of our time. 

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Fall 2016

MIEH 606 - Addressing Current, Pressing Global and Environmental Public Health Challenges in Bangladesh

Fridays, 8:30 am - 10:00 am
Instructor: Dr. Muhiuddin Haider

This course focuses on how to operationalize public health field research/practice on the ground in Bangladesh. The public health threat that will be addressed is solid waste management in Dhaka. With a landmass equivalent to the State of Wisconsin and the world’s eighth largest population, Bangladesh is the most densely populated country on the globe. While the potential concerns of achieving effective waste management throughout Dhaka and its surrounding areas will be explored in greater depth through this course, Bangladesh’s population density alone poses some immediate challenges to this end.

This is a graduate level course, mainly for students who have social science background (preferred). The senior undergraduates are eligible depending on the instructor's permission. There is no specific prerequisite.

Please contact Dr. Muhiuddin Haider with any questions. 


Spring 2016

HONR269T - Honors Seminar: Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy toward Afghanistan

Partner University: American University of Afghanistan, Afghanistan

Thursdays, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
ANA 0120

Credits: 3
General Education: DSHS, SCIS
Section: 0101
Instructor: Temim Nusraty

This is a Global Classroom course. There will be approximately 4 or 5 weeks where this course will meet on Sundays for teleconferencing meetings with students in Kabul, Afghanistan instead of meeting at its normal weekly time on Thursday nights (exact dates TBA).

ENGL261/ENGL361/ LASC348R- Recovering Oral Histories: Caribbean and Latin American Communities in the USA and Britain

Partner University: University of Birmingham, UK

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30 am - 10:45 am
TWS 3250

Credits: 3
General Education: DSSP
Prerequisite: Must have completed at least one course in English or Latin American Studies. Credit only granted for: ENGL261 or ENGL361.
Section: 0101
Instructor: Merle Collins

Project-based course to record oral histories of Caribbean American and Latin American communities in the Washington area. Interview and oral history techniques; recording and videotaping oral histories; transcribing and writing stories as oral histories. Also offered as LASC348R. Credit granted for ENGL361 or LASC348R

SPAN422 - Cross-Cultural Communication

Partner University: Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial, Ecuador

Tuesday and Thursdays, 11:00 am - 12:15 pm
JMZ 2123

Credits: 3
General Education: DVCC
Prerequisite: SPAN315. Restriction: Must be in Spanish Language, Literatures, and Cultures program; and junior standing or higher.
Section: 0101
Instructor: Roberta Lavine

Focuses on the relationship of language and culture of those operating in world markets. Particular attention will be given to cross-cultural communication, linguistic systems, and culture specific perceptions of the Hispanic world.

URSP661- City and Regional Economic Development Planning

Partner University: Higher School of Economics - St. Petersburg, Russia

Mondays, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
ARC 1127

Credits: 3
Prerequisite: URSP606 or URSP660. Credit only granted for: URSP661, URBS440, or URBS661. Formerly: URBS661.
Section: 0101
Instructor: Marie Howland

Spatial patterns of employment and populations, and models of urban and regional growth and decline. Focus on application of economic theory and urban planning techniques to issues of local economic development and planning.

GVPT356 - Capstone in International Development and Conflict Management

Partner University: University College Dublin, Ireland

Tuesdays, 9:30 am - 12:15 pm
TYD 3100

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: MIDCM, Global Studies, or GVPT student; GVPT354 or prior coursework in international development; junior or senior in good standing
Admission: By instructor approval only; requires application
Section: 0201
Instructors: Dr. Stacy J. Kosko (UMD), Dr. Andy Storey (UCD)

This blended-format course (part traditional, part online), sponsored by the University of Maryland’s Office of International Affairs and MIDCM, will pair 10 UMD students in the Minor in International Development and Conflict Management, another Global Studies Minor, or GVPT with 10 University College Dublin students in the School for Politics and International Relations. They will spend the bulk of the semester collaborating in teams comprised of equal numbers of UMD and UCD students, working to research and produce creative, viable, and sustainable solutions to major contemporary development problems. Each team will be challenged to build expertise about a specific problem in a specific locale. The search for solutions to these problems will be complicated by a context of violence, in the form of a humanitarian emergency, post-conflict reconstruction, or another aspect of conflict prevention, management, or transformation. The primary assignments and “deliverables” for each team of UMD and UCD students will be a jointly written project concept note and a final presentation. By the end of the course, all students should develop both hard skills and issue expertise. This course will be team-taught by faculty members from the two participating universities.

HESI418T - Special Topics in Leadership; Technology Beyond Borders: Service Learning and Leadership Across Cultural, Ethnic and Community

Partner University: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Credits: 3
Section: BL01
Instructor: Natasha Chapman

All students interested in this course must complete an application and receive permission to enroll. Contact Anne Spear at for details. The purpose of this course is to introduce the concept and practice of leadership through service-learning in a complex, global context. UMD students will work on virtual teams with students at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and develop a collaborative service- learning project with a community in Kigali, Rwanda. The service-learning component of this course will expose students to the needs of appropriate, sustainable technology in under-resourced communities and the role of addressing social issues through global partnerships. UMD and Polytechnic students will travel abroad to complete the service-learning experience in Rwanda from May 19 – June 2.

More information:


BMGT/ENES 490H - Quest Consulting and Innovation Practicum

Partner Universities: University of Queensland, Australia, and Linköping University, Sweden

Wednesday 5:00 pm - 7:40 pm
VMH 1415

Credits: 4
Prerequisite: ENES390 or BMGT390. Also offered as BMGT490. Credit only granted for BMGT490 or ENES490.
General Education: DSSP
Section: 0101
Instructors: Kylie King, Jeffrey Herrmann

Final course in the QUEST Honors Fellows Program three-course curriculum. Based on a team-based consulting project with one of QUEST's professional partners. A project advisor and professional champion supervise each student team. Requires extensive out-of-class work.


Global Classrooms are credit-bearing semester-long courses. Please contact your advisor to see how your chosen global classroom fits your academic plan.

For more information on the Global Classrooms Initiative, contact Dr. Raluca Nahorniac in the Office of International Affairs.  Learn more about our past Global Classroom courses.

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