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Maryland Short-term


Be fearless and spend your break beyond your borders.

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  • Participate in international internships, research projects, and immersion experiences 
  • Form lasting bonds with UMD faculty and students who share your personal and professional interests
  • Earn resident credit abroad and stay on track with your four year plan

Give your resume a competitive edge by taking on an intensive study abroad experience during your winter, summer or spring break and earn credit at the same time. Maryland Short-term programs are led by a UMD faculty member who works with our office to develop a rigorous and engaging curriculum and program agenda. From exploring corporate social responsibility as a strategy for sustainable development in Ghana to working with community based businesses in rural Nicaragua, Maryland Short-term programs give you an opportunity to put your studies to the test! Don't miss this chance to gain experiences valuable to becoming a leader in our increasingly global workforce.

Please note that if you are a senior and wish to participate in a Maryland Short-term program the semester after you graduate, you must postpone your graduation until the end of the term in which you wish to study abroad. 

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Research Programs & Apply

Search for a Maryland Short-term program by discipline or engagement opportunity. You can meet with an EA advisor to discuss options that are best for you. 

Access the program application online by clicking on the "Apply Now" button at the top of the program page.  You will login with your UMD directory ID and password and submit most application elements online. You should complete all application materials by the stated deadline. If you have any questions about the application, you can contact your EA advisor

Faculty directors will review all completed applications after the deadline. If you are selected to participate in a program, you will be enrolled in the course(s) listed on each program brochure. All courses will appear on your transcript as UMD resident credit and many of these courses can apply to your major, minor, or general education requirements.

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Maryland Short-term Programs

Program Name Terms offered
UMD-Summer: Argentina: Globalization & Human Rights in Buenos Aires (HIST) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Australia: Global Summer Internship Program (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Austria: Methods in Archaeology: Forensic Aviation Archaeology (ANTH) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Austria: Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change (JOUR/HONR/AMST/GVPT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Brazil: Conservation and Indigenous Peoples - Ethnographic Methods (ANTH/CPSP/LASC) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: China: As the World Turns: Society and Sustainability in a Time of Great Change (GEOG) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Costa Rica: Sustainable Futures (LARC) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Cuba: Law, Public Health, and the Cuban Family (FMSC) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Czech Republic: Global Summer Internship Program (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Czech Republic: Sustainability & Smart Cities (ENCE) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Ecuador: Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps Internship (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: France: French Language and Culture on the Mediterranean (FREN) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: France: Understanding and Synthesizing Evidence-Based Research (PLCY) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Germany: Sustainable Energy Conversion and the Environment (ENME) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Ghana: Corporate Social Responsibility: A Strategy for Sustainable Development (AAPS) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Greece: Mediterranean Diet and Culture: Health Implications (NFSC) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Guatemala: Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps Intership (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Hong Kong & Cambodia: Service-Learning and Leadership across Cultural, Ethnic and Community Lines (HESI) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Hong Kong: Global Summer Internship Program (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice: Sustainability, Climate Change and Renewable Energy Systems (ENME) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Ireland: Global Summer Internship Program (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Ireland: International Perspectives on Drama and Learning (TLPL) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Ireland: James Joyce's Dublin (ARHU/HONR/ENGL) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Ireland: The Archaeology of Ireland's Early Modern Period (ANTH) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Italy: Advanced Sculpture Studio - Digital Assisted Carving in Tuscan Marble (ARTT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Italy: Archaeology and Architecture in the Shadow of Vesuvius (ARCH) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Italy: Are We Rome? (CLAS) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Italy: Art and Culture in Renaissance Italy (ITAL/ARTH) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Italy: Food Writing (ENGL) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Italy: Human Trafficking in Context: The Vulnerabilities Associated with Being a Refugee in Italy (CCJS) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Italy: Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Music (LARC/HONR) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: New Zealand: Global Summer Internship Program (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Russia: Urban Redevelopment Studio (ARCH/URSP) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Scandinavia: Culture + Place (ARCH) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Singapore: Global Summer Internship Program (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Singapore: Religious Rehabilitation of Terrorists (START) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: South Africa: Understanding Social Inequalities in Post-Apartheid South Africa (AASP) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Spain: Culture, Language, and Literature in Salamanca and Barcelona (SPAN) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Spain: Global Summer Internship Program (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: United Kingdom: British Culture, Art and Life in the UK (ENGL/THET) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: United Kingdom: Understanding Place: Historic Cultural Landscapes of Yorkshire and Northeast England (HISP) Summerterm
Program Name Terms offered
UMD-Winter: Australia: Australian Literature and Culture (ENGL/HONR) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Australia: Global Leadership & International Business in Engineering and Technology (ENES/HONR) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Chile: Chilean Culture, Democracy and Social Change (ARHU/HONR/CMLT/GVPT/HIST/LASC) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Chile: Design for Climate and Culture (LARC) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Cuba: Critical Cultures in Contemporary Cuba (SPAN) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Dominican Republic: Global Service in the Dominican Republic (BSGC/LASC) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Ecuador: Technology, Education and Society: Ecuador in Context (CPSP/LASC) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: El Salvador: El Salvador's Children: Risk, Poverty and Education (EDSP/CPSP/LASC) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Europe and the US: Accounting's Future, Present, and Past (BMGT) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Germany and Italy: Energy, Climate Change and Options for a Low-Carbon Economy (AREC/ECON) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Germany: Germany in the New Europe (GERM/BMGT/GVPT/HONR) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Ghana: Higher Education in the Ghanaian Context (CHSE) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: India: East Meets West: Contrasting Public Health Priorities, Pragmatics and Polemics in the US and India (HLTH) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: India: Education and Project Engagement with NGOs and Social Enterprises (PLCY) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Indonesia: Social-Ecological Systems, Environmental Policy, and Sustainable Development (PLCY) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Italy: Ancient Greek and Roman Culture in Context (CLAS/ARTH) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Mexico: Photography in Oaxaca (ARTT/JOUR) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Morocco: In the Footsteps of the Beat Generation (ARHU/ENGL) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Netherlands, Germany and Belgium: International and Multicultural Perspectives in Education (EDUC/CPSP) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: New Zealand: Sport, Commerce, and Culture in the Global Marketplace (KNES) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: New Zealand: Sustainable Ecosystems (PLSC/ENSP) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: New Zealand: Sustainable Transformation and Adaptation: Culture and Earth (LARC/HONR) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Slovakia: Fake News: Journalists Confront Lies, Propaganda and Extremism (JOUR) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: South Africa: Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Contemporary South African Context (BMGT) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Southeast Asia: Global Immersion Experience (CPSP/HONR) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Spain: Cultures of the Contact Zone - Seville, Al-Andalus, and the Atlantic World (SPAN/HONR) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Spain: Leading Innovation and Design in a Cross-Cultural Setting (BMGT) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Taiwan: Exploring a Different China (CHIN/HONR) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: United Kingdom: Documentary Filmmaking in London (COMM) Winterterm