UMD: A Globally Connected University


Higher Education in Innovation: Yunnan Industry and Information Technology Visits UMD

Yunnan Technology Commission visits campus to learn about economic development and innovation in the United States.

Anhui Environmental Protection Department Looks to Remediate Heavy Metal Contamination in Farmlands

Anhui Province Environmental Protection Department learns about U.S. experiences on heavy metal soil pollution assessment and remediation.

Anhui Training Group Hopes Innovation will Move China’s Economy Forward

A delegation of Anhui Province government officials took part in a five-week training program to learn about innovation in the United States.

University of Maryland Helps Development of China’s Performing Arts Sector

China is in the midst of reinventing its performing arts sector. To promote bilateral learning opportunities, OCA hosted a Chinese performing arts training group in October.

University of Maryland Partnership with China Charity Alliance to Develop China’s Rising Philanthropy Sector

The OCA has facilitated U.S.-China learning exchanges of philanthropy best practices between a team of CCA delegates and major players in the U.S. philanthropy sector.

University of Maryland chosen as U.S.-China Strong (USCS) partner

UMD, College Park, has been chosen as one of the implementation partners for the “One-Million Strong” initiative led by the U.S.-China Strong Foundation (USCS).

UMD Collaborates With China To Address Heavy Metal Soil Pollution

UMD has integrated climate change and sustainability into the heart of its research and education mission.

Same actors, different drama

For a few days in late September, relations between the U.S. and China have been playing out on center stage as President Xi Jinping visits Seattle, New York, and Washington...

Chinese Academy of Sciences

On June 2, the University of Maryland and the headquarters of CAS signed an MOU to promote collaboration through student exchange, joint research, and other initiatives.

Beijing Municipal Education Commission

On his recent trip to Beijing, as part of the delegation headed by Governor Larry Hogan, President Loh signed an MOU with the Beijing Municipal Education Commission.