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BMGT Exchange: Manchester Business School (United Kingdom)

Manchester, United Kingdom
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Year (Fall-Spring)
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Host City
The University of Manchester is located in the city of Manchester, which is considered England's second city after London - but with much lower living costs than the capital. Famous for its English Premier League football teams, Manchester City and Manchester United, and home to some of the best in contemporary and classic art and theatre, Manchester is a great place for a student to call home. It is one of Britain's liveliest and most multicultural cities - buzzing with events, cinemas, exhibitions, clubs and bars that cater for everyone. It offers a vibrant world with which to engage during your exchange abroad experience.

Visa info
As an exchange student, you may be required to obtain a visa. Please visit this website for more information.

Exchange programs are highly competitive and therefore space in each program is limited to students who meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • 3.0 GPA
  • You must have completed 2 semesters at UMD

Students can choose from variety of business courses. Courses approved for transfer include those in: Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Management, Marketing,  Supply Chain Management, and upper-level electives. For a full course list visit Manchester Business School’s website. For equivalencies of courses approved for transfer in the past, visit: Note that UMD cannot guarantee that a particular course will be offered in any given semester at MBS.

All credit you earn on this program will count at transfer credit on your UMD transcript.

Host institution
Manchester Business School is one of the world’s leading centers for business and management studies, ranked 4th in the UK and 11th in Europe, according to the Financial Times. Over 1,600 students from around the world study a variety of business disciplines in a cosmopolitan setting. MBS is part of the University of Manchester, a world-class university with more than 39,000 students from 180 countries.

Students can live in university accommodation, choosing between self-catered or catered options. Students cannot be guaranteed a specific hall or type of accommodation. Note that the regular fall semester runs until January, but exchange students may take their exams in December. However, residence hall leases still run until January and students will still be responsible for that portion of the lease.

UMD students participating in an Exchange have the benefit of paying UMD tuition rates and fees to attend an institution abroad. For specific information on the cost of attending this Exchange, please see the BMGT Exchange Cost Sheet

Tuition and fees for exchange programs are charged directly to your UMD account, which means you can apply UMD scholarships, state and federal financial aid, and alternative loans towards the cost of an exchange. Housing costs are paid directly to the host institution or on-site housing agency.

You can use the cost of attendance comparison worksheet to view how study abroad programs compare to each other and the amount you pay on campus at UMD. As always, your EA advisor is available help you complete this worksheet and find affordable programs that fit your study abroad goals.

Please refer to the following resources for more information on funding study abroad:

Term Year Application Deadline Admission Notification Program Start Program End
Fall 2015 03/01/2015 03/11/2015 09/19/2015 01/29/2016
Year (Fall-Spring) 2015 03/01/2015 03/11/2015 09/19/2015 06/10/2016
Spring 2016 10/01/2015 10/11/2015