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Many factors will affect the program that is right for you - Education Abroad (EA) will help you find that program! You can make an appointment with EA advisors and Peer Mentors who will help you narrow down your choices, but you can explore program offerings right now. Use the right-hand menu to search based on your preferences or browse different types of programs we offer.

Program Namesort descending Terms offered City Country
UMD Summer: Argentina: Innovation, Inclusion, and Disability Justice (EDHI) Summerterm Buenos Aires Argentina
UMD Summer: Australia & New Zealand: Intelligence Analysis and Five Eyes Intelligence Cooperation (BSST) Summerterm Sydney, Wellington Australia, New Zealand
UMD-Summer: Australia: Australian Summer Internship Program (BMGT) Summerterm Sydney, Melbourne Australia
UMD-Summer: Australia: Natural History, Ecology and Geology of Australia (BSCI) Summerterm Sydney Australia
UMD-Summer: Austria: Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change (JOUR/HONR/AMST/GVPT) Summerterm Salzburg Austria
UMD-Summer: Brazil: Conservation and Indigenous Peoples: Ethnographic Methods (ANTH/CPSP/LASC) Summerterm Tucum?, Aukre, Par?, Pará, Tucumã, Maraba Brazil
UMD-Summer: Caribbean: Geography of the Caribbean (GEOG/LASC) Summerterm Utuado, Multiple, Ponce, San Juan Puerto Rico, Multiple (Leeward Islands)
UMD-Summer: China: Exploring Confucius' China (CHIN/HONR) Summerterm Tianjin, Beijing, Qufu, Tai Shan China
UMD-Summer: China: Undergraduate Research of the Urbanization Impacts on Development (GEOG) Summerterm Shanghai, Beijing, Dongshan China
UMD-Summer: Costa Rica: Sustainable Futures (LARC) Summerterm Monteverde Costa Rica
UMD-Summer: Croatia: From War and Communism to the EU Membership (GEOG/HONR) Summerterm Zagreb Croatia
UMD-Summer: Dominican Republic: Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps (BMGT) Summerterm Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
UMD-Summer: Ecuador: Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps (BMGT) Summerterm Cuenca Ecuador
UMD-Summer: Ethiopia: Policy and Politics of Development in Africa (PUAF) Summerterm Adama, Awasa, Bahir Dar, Bishoftu, Gondar, Lalibela, Mojo Ethiopia
UMD-Summer: France: A Global Perspective on Cybersecurity (HACS) Summerterm Bourges, Paris, Toulouse France
UMD-Summer: France: French Language and Culture on the Mediterranean (FREN) Summerterm Montpellier France
UMD-Summer: Greece: History and Archaeology of Corinth (CLAS) Summerterm Nemea, Argos, Corinth, Epidaurus, Isthmia, Kenchrees, Nafplio Greece
UMD-Summer: Ireland: International Perspectives on Drama in Education (EDCI) Summerterm Dublin Ireland
UMD-Summer: Ireland: James Joyce's Dublin (ARHU/HONR/ENGL) Summerterm Galway, Dublin Ireland
UMD-Summer: Ireland: The Archaeology of Ireland's Early Modern Period (ANTH) Summerterm Skibbereen Ireland