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F-1 Students: Important Reminders

Please click to read these important reminders:

For undergraduate students, full-time enrollment equals 12 credits, and for graduate students full-time enrollment equals 48 units. Only one online class may count toward your full-time enrollment.

According to U.S. immigration regulations, international students may enroll part-time in their final semester if they need less than a full course of study to satisfy their degree requirements. However, they MUST obtain part-time authorization first. Students must apply for authorization in a timely manner by submitting the Part-Time Authorization e-form in iTerp. If this is your situation, please ensure this is completed by February 2nd. This deadline allows ISSS to meet our compliance requirements.

To learn more about a full course of study and maintaining status, please click here.

If you are a NEW F-1 student at the University of Maryland, please ensure you complete Documents Check! This is required to activate your SEVIS Record. For more information, please click here.

As part of your F-1 and J-1 immigration regulations, ISSS must have an up-to-date U.S. address and a foreign address on file at all times. We would encourage you to check that all address information is correct through Testudo. Any updates that you make on Testudo will also be updated automatically in your SEVIS record.