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Immunization and Health Insurance

As of Fall 2017, all newly admitted international undergraduate students are automatically enrolled and cannot waive out of coverage.  This practice was implemented to ensure that international students, who are not subject to requirements of the Affordable Care Act, receive appropriately comprehensive insurance coverage. 

University of Maryland – College Park requires all International students to have adequate health insurance.

Please click here to view a comparison of the University of Maryland – College Park’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) to typical Travel Insurance Policies available to International students.

If you have questions about this requirement, please contact

All students are required by the University Health Center to complete sections A through D of the immunization form.  Please click here to see Step-by-step instructions. 

Completed forms should be submitted to the Health Center via Students must:

  1. input their information online, and
  2. upload the immunization form.

Health Center staff will contact students by email if they are required to set up an appointment to complete immunization requirements. 

Students who receive an email from Health Center staff stating that an appointment is required should follow up by making an appointment. Do not make an appointment unless you have received an email from the Health Center staff stating that you need one.

Appointments will be offered every hour from 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm on August 17, August 18, August 21, August 22, and August 25. Each slot will be limited to 75 students so please sign up as soon as you receive an email from the Health Center requesting to set up an appointment. 

All questions about immunization requirements should be addressed to the Health Center Immunization Office at 301-314-8114 or email The Health Center cannot accept any documents that are sent to the Health Center via email. 

Please be especially careful about the Quantiferon Gold blood test. In many instances, it is required that this test be done in the US. All general questions concerning the immunization requirement should be addressed to the Health Center Immunization Office at 301-314-8114 or email