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iTerp Check-In / Documents Check

iTerp Check-In allows international students to submit their immigration documents online to the ISSS office. This is done after you arrive into the U.S. 

  1. To login to iTerp ( , select:
    • Full Client Services to sign in with your UMD Directory ID and password.
    • Limited Services to sign in with your University ID (UID), Date of Birth, and iTerp Pin (which can be emailed to you).

  2. Once logged in click on New Student Check-In > Documents Check-In.  Click on each of the e-forms to submit your immigration documents.
    • Visa Stamp Information and Upload
    • Upload Your I-94 Record
    • Proof of Insurance (J1 Students only)
    • US. Address and Emergency Contact

  3. When all of the above eforms have been submitted you will receive an email confirmation from ISSS.