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Obtain I-20 (F1) / DS-2019 (J1)

Congratulations on being accepted to the University of Maryland, College Park!
Now that you have been admitted to the university, you will need to obtain your Certificate of Eligibility for F-1 (I-20) or J-1 (DS-2019) student/scholar visa status. 
The International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) office will send you an email to invite you to log into UMD’s iTerp system to complete your I-20 or DS-2019 checklist. 
To complete the checklist, you will need the following:
  • Scanned clear copy of your passport photo page
  • Scanned clear copy of Financial Certification and sponsorship letters
  • If currently in the U.S. or a transfer student, scanned clear copies of your immigration documents: I-94 card (click Get Most Recent I-94), visa stamp in passport, and current I-20 / DS-2019 document
Passport Photo Page
The passport photo page includes your photo, date of birth, full name, passport number, issue date and location. Be sure the scan of the page is clear and includes all the information contained on the page, including the machine readable area.  
Dependents: Spouse and Children
If you plan to bring dependents(s), you must show additional financial support of $4,500 for each dependent in additional to the estimated cost of attendance. Please view Requesting I-20/DS-2019 for Dependent(s)
Financial Certification and Sponsorship Letters
In order to obtain the I-20/DS-2019, international students (F-1s and J-1s) are required to provide financial documentation which verifies that they have sufficient funds to support their estimated cost of attendance (tuition, fees and living expenses) for a minimum of one year of their academic program.
Click here to view the Estimated Cost of Attendance for your academic program.
Students can submit private funds from a sponsor or funding from an outside organization such as home government, an international organization or, for graduate students, a University of Maryland assistantship. Graduate assistantship letters must be on University of Maryland letterhead and signed by the issuer.
Acceptable Certificate of Finances documents would include a current official bank statement in English or with a certified English translation (dated within the past 3 months) from a sponsor or yourself. The account type should be checking, savings, or CD. The statement should clearly indicate the name(s) of the account holder(s), the current balance/total amount of money in the account(s), and the type of currency.  Please note we cannot accept solvency certificates or “good standing” bank letters that only certify that you or your sponsor have sufficient funds to cover the estimated cost.
The Certificate of Finances must show funding that is accessible to the student immediately. You may not show non-liquid assets such as property, pension, trust funds, etc.  or loans as proof of funding.
If you have a sponsor, the following information from your sponsor is required:
Tuition Calculator
To calculate the costs covered by your University of Maryland Graduate Assistantship, Fellowship or combination you can use the Tuition Calculator available on the ISSS website:
Based on the Letter Received:
  • Choose Your Program of Study
  • Select whether you have received an Assistantship, Fellowship or Both
  • Select the level of Tuition Remission (select “Other” if you are given an exact funding amount for tuition).
  • Enter Total Scholarship Amount from any Fellowship (enter numbers only, no comas or dollar signs)
  • Enter the Total Stipend Amount from the Graduate Assistantship (enter numbers only, no comas or dollar signs)
  • Enter the number of dependents you plan to join you.
  • Click Submit to see how much you still need to show, if anything
Please note that we cannot accept funding amounts that are not guaranteed. 
Immigration and F-1/J-1 Transfer Form
If you are already in the United States, scan and upload a copy of your US visa, I-94 card, and all pages of your current I-20/DS-2019 document if applicable. If you are a Permanent Resident or hold another visa status please include copies of the immigration documents showing your status.
Obtain your current I-94 record here and click on Get Most Recent I-94.
To transfer your SEVIS record from your current institution to the University of Maryland, see SEVIS Transfer In.
Mailing / Pick-up Form
The form will not be available until you are notified by email that your I-20 / DS-2019 document has been processed. Once processed, you will receive an email informing you of your SEVIS number to being the process to obtain your visa and inviting you to complete the Mailing / Pick-up Form.