UMD: A Globally Connected University


Rhodes Trust To Launch New Institute And Expand Scholarships

The Atlantic Philanthropies gives £75 million to Rhodes Trust and £64.4 milion for LSE inequality research.

A Trump Presidency Could Keep Some International Students Away

60% of prospective international students say they would be less likely to study at an American college if Trump was elected president.

Chinese Student Market: Can the West Weather A Perfect Storm?

David Matthews considers a flurry of ‘threats’ to the conveyor belt of arrivals and what Western campuses can do to shockproof their systems.

World Insight: Liberal Arts Education is Booming, Just Not In The US

Charles Bailyn's time in Asia has opened his eyes to the high regard in which a liberal arts education is still held internationally.

Brexit Fears

Some British universities report that faculty job candidates don't want to commit until after the vote on the European Union.

UMD Students Inaugurate Global Entrepreneurship Semester in Seoul

Two University of Maryland students traveled to Seoul, South Korea as the first participants in the new UMD “Global Entrepreneurship Semester” program.

Brazil’s Agency Survey Shows Study Travel Slouch

Brazil’s flailing economy has hit the study travel sector from several angles.

Prohibition 2016: Assessing the UK’s Psychoactive Substances Act

Prof Peter Reuter & Bryce Pardo outline three problems with the Psychoactive Substances Act’s total ban of NPS.

London, Paris, Frankfurt Most Connected Cities

Europe leads the way in global travel connectivity.

Spring 2016 Graduates Advised to Make the World a Better Place

“Our students will quite literally change the world,”said University of Maryland School of Public Policy Dean.