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Ashwini Tambe

2101 Woods Hall
College Park, MD 20742
Expert Credentials: 
Dr. Ashwini Tambe is Professor in the Department of Women’s Studies. She is also the Editorial Director of the journal, Feminist Studies, a premier venue for interdisciplinary feminist scholarship and creative expression. Her interests include transnational feminist theory, modern South Asia, sexuality studies and global political economy. Her latest book, Defining Girlhood in India: A Transnational History of Sexual Maturity Laws (2019, University of Illinois Press), supported by SSHRC and NEH grants, examines the legal paradoxes in age standards for girls’ sexual consent in India. It shows how intergovernmental debates and ideas from AngloAmerican psychology in the mid-twentieth century influenced Indian discourses, and in turn how Indian experts contributed to the centering of girlhood in UN development discourses. Dr. Tambe is also co-editor, with Millie Thayer, of the forthcoming volume Transnational Feminist Itineraries (Duke University Press, 2021), which assesses the history and future of transnational feminist analysis and activism. 
Area of Expertise: 

Transnational feminist theory 
Sexuality studies 
Global political economy 
Modern South Asian history
State theory Interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity and disciplinarity