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Carmen Benito-Vessels

2215 Jimenez Hall
College Park, MD 20742
Work Phone: 
301 405 6445
Expert Credentials: 

Prof. Benito-Vessels is an accomplished scholar/teacher whose vibrant scholarship has contributed significantly and profoundly to a number of research specialties.

A specialist in Medieval Spanish Literature and Cultures, Medieval Historiography, Women and Ethnic Diversity in Medieval Spain, and History of the Spanish Language, her latest book examines, from a multi-disciplinary perspective, the perception and interpretation of language in Spanish literature, from the middle ages to modern times: "La palabra en el tiempo de las letras. Una historia heterodoxa." ('The Word in the Time of Letters. An Unorthodox History,' 2007) While this study forges a bridge between classical philosophy, Judeo-Christian tradition and contemporary philosophy, Judeidad (Jewishness) is revealed as an essential element of Spanish language and culture.

Area of Expertise: 

Spanish Literature, Medieval Literature and Historiography, Women and Ethnic Diversity in Medieval Spain, History of the Spanish Language.

Country of Expertise: 
Ph.D. Hispanic Languages and Literatures University of California, Santa Barbara