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Dale Bottrell

Professor Emeritus
3148 Plant Sciences Building
College Park, MD 20742
Work Phone: 
301 405 3938
Expert Credentials: 

I teach an online graduate course, LFSC 660 Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, for high school teachers through the University of Maryland Master of Life Science Program, College of Chemical and Life Sciences. Teachers in foreign countries sometimes take the course. I have worked in >?s Entomology Division and coordinated its pest management research in irrigated rice in Asia. I continue to collaborate with IRRI.

Area of Expertise: 

Research interest is in developing low-input, sustainable pest management programs in developing countries of the tropics. Teaching and policy interests focus on the broad issues of biodiversity, emphasizing concepts and practices that improve its conservation.

Country of Expertise: 
Ph.D. Entomology Oklahoma State University (1968)