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Hector Corrada Bravo

Asst Prof
3114f Biomolecular Sciences Building
College Park, MD 20742
Work Phone: 
301 405 2481
Expert Credentials: 

Research interests: statistical and computational methods for high-throughput genomics. Second-generation sequencing data quality assessment and analysis. Computational epigenomics.

I also work on general methods for machine learning and data mining: kernel methods for predictive model building; mixed-integer programming for combinatorial estimation problems; theoretical results on semidefinite programming for model selection; classical database query optimization techniques for querying probabilistic data.

More detail on my research projects may be found here, but some highlights include:

* Computational epigenomics

* Second-generation sequencing data quality assessment and analysis

* Extending Smoothing-Spline ANOVA models with pedigree data

* Tree-Structured Covariance Matrices for Gene Expression Analysis

Area of Expertise: 

Computational Biology, Genomics, Cancer genomics, Personalized Medicine, Data Science

Ph.D Computer Science University of Wisconsin