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James Ball

Expert Credentials: 

James R Ball, III, studies the politics of performance and the performance of politics, analyzing both the theatrical structures that underwrite public political events and aesthetic performances that seek to intervene in political processes. His book manuscript, Theatre of State: Theatricality and Spectatorship in International Institutions, considers the historical relationship between theatre and the United Nations and International Criminal Court, proposing that diplomatic and theatrical performance are mutually constitutive phenomena in a cohesive field of practices. Dr. Ball’s work emphasizes the forms of theatricality that situate individuals as engaged spectators to global politics.

Dr. Ball teaches courses on theatres of the Cold War, performance and technology, performance and international relations, carnival theory, theories of comedy and laughter, adaptation and intertextuality, immersive and interactive theatre, and capturing performance with the written word.

In 2014-2015 Dr. Ball will also serve as Dramaturg for the Festival of Subversive Artists and Minds.

Area of Expertise: 

Political Performance; Performance and Activism; Performance and the Law; Performance and Technology; Theatre and War; Interactive, Immersive, and Participatory Theatre; Comedy/Satire; Theories of Spectatorship; Theatricality; Speech Act Theory; Carnival Theory; Adaptation; Theatre and Gaming; Intertextuality; Drama and Performance Theory; Shakespeare; Science Fiction Theatre.

Ph.D., Performance Studies, New York University, New York, 2012; M. A., Performance Studies, New York University, New York, 2007; B. A., Film Studies, Columbia University, New York, 2004.