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James Gao

Associate Professor
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Professor Gao has previously been an Assistant Professor at Peking University and Newport News University, and a Research Associate at the Institute of East Asian Studies at the University of California at Berkeley. He has written three books: Meeting Technology's Advance: Social Changes in China and Zimbabwe in the Railway Age (1997) and The Communist Takeover of Hangzhou: The Transformation of City and Cadre, 1949-1954 (2004). Historical Dictionary of Modern China, 1800-1949 (2009). He has also published several articles including "The Call of the Oases: The 'Peaceful Liberation' of Xingjiang, 1949-1953", “Shooting Social Suffering: Photography and China’s Human Disasters”, "War Culture, Nationalism, and Political Campaigns, 1950-53", "Rediscovery of Western Science and Technology and Definition of Chinese Foreign Policy", "From Rural Revolution to Urban Revolutionization: A Case Study of Luzhongnan," and “Eating, Cooking and Shanghai ‘Less-manly Men’: Social Consequence of the Food Rationing and Economic Reforms ” Professor Gao has received the Robert D. Gries Prize from Yale University in 1994, an NEH Summer Grant in 1995, and the Summer Research Award from the University of Maryland in 1999, and Hopkins fellowship in 2006.

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