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Jason Kuo

4221 Art-Sociology Building
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Jason C. Kuo is Professor of Art History and Archaeology and a member of the Graduate Field Committee in Film Studies and has taught at the National Taiwan University, Williams College, and Yale University. He is the author of  Wang Yuanqi de shanshuihua yishu [Wang Yuanqi’s Art of Landscape Painting]  (1981), Long tiandi yu xingnei[Trapping Heaven and Earth in the Cage of Form] (1986), The Austere Landscape: The Paintings of Hung-jen (1992),Word as Image: The Art of Chinese Seal Engraving (1992),  Art and Cultural Politics in Postwar Taiwan (2000),Yishushi yu yishu piping de shijian [Practicing Art History and Art Criticism] (2002), Transforming Traditions in Modern Chinese Painting: Huang Pin-hung’s Late Work (2004), Chinese Ink Painting Now (2010), The Inner Landscape: The Paintings of Gao Xingjian (2013).

He has curated exhibitions such as Innovation within Tradition: The Painting of Huang Pin-hung (1989), Born of Earth and Fire: Chinese Ceramics from the Scheinman Collection (1992), Heirs to a Great Tradition: Modern Chinese Paintings from the Tsien-hsiang-chai Collection  (1993), The Helen D. Ling Collection of Chinese Ceramics (1995),Double Beauty: Qing Dynasty Couplets from the Lechangzai Xuan Collection (with Peter Sturman) (2003).

His edited books include Discovering Chinese Painting: Dialogues with Art Historians (2006), Visual Culture in Shanghai, 1850s–1930s (2007), Perspectives on Connoisseurship of Chinese Painting (2008), Stones from Other Mountains: Chinese Painting Studies in Postwar America (2009), Contemporary Chinese Art and Film: Theory Applied and Resisted (2012).

His writings have appeared in a broad spectrum of publications, including Art JournalAsian Culture Quarterly,Chinese Culture QuarterlyChinese StudiesNational Palace Museum BulletinNational Palace Museum Research QuarterlyOrientationsChina QuarterlyChina Review InternationalJournal of Asian StudiesJournal of Asian and African Studies, and Ars Orientalis. He has been the evaluator of manuscripts for such academic publishers as University of Washington Press, Duke University Press, Mayfield Publishing, Prentice-Hall, University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies, University of California Press, University of Hawaii Press, Stanford University Press, and for such journals as Imago Musicae (US), Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (US), Acta Universitatis Carolinae-Orientalia Pragensia (Prague), Far Eastern History (Australia), Art History (UK), Art Bulletin (US), Journal of Royal Asiatic Society of Britain and Ireland (UK), Frontiers of History in China (China), Modern China: An International Journal of History and Social Science (US).

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