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Joseph Bailey

Assoc Res Professor
3335 Van Munching Hall
College Park, MD 20742
Work Phone: 
301 405 2174
Expert Credentials: 

With a Ph.D. from MIT, Bailey's research and teaching span issues in telecommunications, economics and public policy with an emphasis on the economics of the Internet. This area includes an identification of the existing public policies, technologies, and market opportunities that promote the benefits of interoperability. Recent research relates to the economics of electronic commerce and how the Internet changes competition and supply chain management. He also is a faculty advisor to Smith's Health Insurance Exchange Leadership Program and serves as executive director of QUEST (Quality Enhancement Systems and Teams), a multidisciplinary, reality-centered program for University of Maryland undergraduates. The Smith School has an in-house facility for live or taped interviews via fiber-optic line for television or multimedia content.

Area of Expertise: 

Internet economics, Internet policy, telecommunications, electronic commerce, Health Insurance Exchange

Ph.D. Technology, Management and Policy MIT