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Julie Koser

Associate Professor and Head of Germanic Studies
3211 Jimenez
College Park, MD 20742
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301 405 4106
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Professor Julie Koser specializes in 18th-century German literature and culture with a focus on issues of gender and representation in the "Goethezeit." She is Affiliate Faculty in Women's Studies and Classics as well as Undergraduate Program Director for Germanic Studies. Her research and teaching interests span from the 18th to the 21st centuries and include the construction and dissolution of gender myths; the interplay between gender, national identity, and citizenship; gender and warfare; literary and visual depictions of women and violence; issues of alterity; women and travel writing; and the early historical novel. She regularly teaches graduate seminars on issues in 18th-century German literature and culture, such as gender and warfare, German theater and drama; and criminals and outsiders. Her undergraduate courses include intermediate to advanced German language and composition courses; literature and culture courses including Enlightenment to Storm and Stress; Introduction to German Literature; German Pop Culture in the 20th and 21st Centuries; Criminals in German Literature and Film; Gender, Warfare, and Peace Movements from the Nibelungenlied to Today; and Death and Desire in German Literature and Film. Her book Armed Ambiguity: Women Warriors in German Literature and Culture in the Age of Goethe (Northwestern University Press, forthcoming October 2015) explores the destabilizing effects and cultural ambivalence evoked by the juxtaposition of women with violence. Her current book project Renegotiating the German Orient around 1800 engages with literary constructions of the Orient in fictional works and travel literature by German-speaking women writers.

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