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Kanisha Bond

Visiting Research Professor
3140 Tydings Hall
College Park, MD 20742
Work Phone: 
301 405 4721
Expert Credentials: 

Dr. Bond teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on terrorism, civil war, social movements and research methods. She is currently engaged in two large research projects. The first examines how power and identity politics influence the development and maintenance of security alliances among violent political organizations. A key feature of this project is the collection and analysis of an original dataset that includes information on the power and identity characteristics of more than 200 violent non-state actors in the Western Hemisphere from 1940-2008, as well as information on their collaborative relationships. She is currently working on a book manuscript based on this project. ?s activities in VSMOs based in Latin America (1940-2008), Africa (1950-2011), the United States (1940-2010) and Canada (1970-2010).

Area of Expertise: 

Violent social movements; civil conflict dynamics; cooperation among violent political groups; women's participation in violent politics; violent vs. non-violent expressions of political extremism in the Western Hemisphere.

Ph.D. Political Science Penn State University (2010),M.P.P. International Development, Crime Policy Georgetown University (2004),B.A. International Relations and Spanish Bucknell University (2002)