UMD: A Globally Connected University

Living-Learning Communities

Anita K'ung, a 76th generation descendant of Confucius, visited the Language House and met with several UMD students.

Want to immerse yourself in an international environment right here on campus?  Consider applying to one of UMD’s highly regarded living and learning programs with an international focus, and become part of a community of students sharing a common interest in global issues.

Beyond the Classroom
Beyond the Classroom is a three-semester, multidisciplinary, living-learning program at UMD that helps prepare students professionally for a life beyond college through global civic engagement and social change.

College Park Scholars programs:
College Park Scholars is an academic residential community for select freshman and sophomores. Admission is by invitation only.

  • International Studies brings together undergraduate freshman and sophomores from a variety of disciplines who share an interest in exploring international political, economic, and cultural issues and developing a global understanding and awareness through academic and experiential learning.
  • Global Public Health examines the connections between public health and a host of psychosocial, socioeconomic, environmental, and geopolitical considerations and directly engages with public health organizations and community-based health agencies through internships, research, or service learning.
  • Science and Global Change uses the foundations of scientific practice to explore the evidence, causes, and implications of past and present changes in the Earth’s systems and examines the use of scientific knowledge and communication when making decisions for the future.

Global Communities
Global Communities is a two-year living-learning program for freshman and sophomores organized around the theme of globalization and its challenges and opportunities. Students enrich their understanding of the causes and consequences of the world’s interconnectedness and are provided with the academic and intercultural skills to help them address the issues globalization raises.

University of Maryland Language House
The Language House Immersion Program was the first living-learning program established at UMD. Open to sophomores and above, it provides students who are serious about language learning with the opportunity for daily language and cultural immersion in an organized study environment.

Other ways to globalize your experience on campus: