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Nick Singer: Revolutionizing Transportation in Africa

As a supply chain senior associate at Mobius Motors, Nick Singer ’08 hopes to tackle one of the most serious problems hindering development in Africa: mobility. In rural areas, most roads are nearly impassable by car, and not that many rural Africans can afford even the most stripped-down vehicle. To address this need, Mobius Motors designed a car for East Africa’s rough roads and rural consumers.

A supply chain and marketing alumnus from the Smith School of Business, Singer never expected to end up in Nairobi, Kenya. After graduation he went to work for Deloitte. He enjoyed it, but he jumped at a chance to work with an NGO that sent management consultants into the developing world. The work took him to Swaziland for a time, and eventually he was given the opportunity to work at Mobius Motors.“How many other 26-year-olds are running a global automotive supply chain?” he asks. “In this field, you get to do a lot more a lot earlier in your career.”