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Raymond Weil

1119 H.J. Patterson Hall
College Park, MD 20742
Work Phone: 
301 405 1314
Expert Credentials: 

Author: The Nature and Properties of Soils. Brady and Weil. 2008. Editor: Soil Organic Matter in Sustainable Agriculture. Magdoff and Weil. 2004. Senior Research Scholar, Columbia University, Earth Institute. Adviser on Soils Issues to the Millennium Villages Project in 14 African countries.

Area of Expertise: 

soil science, soil fertility, soil management, sustainable agriculture, cover crops, intercrops, nutrient cycling, nitrogen, phosphorus, ferilizer, compost, manure, sewage sludge, ground water, water pollution, soil conservation, soil quality

B.S. Crop and Soil Sciences Michigan State University (1970),M.S. Soil Fertility Purdue University (1972),Ph.D. Soil Science Virginia Tech, Blacksburg (1977)