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Spring 2018 - CPSS225: College Park Scholars Capstone: Science, Technology, and Society

CPSS225: College Park Scholars Capstone: Science, Technology, and Society
Section: 0301
Time: TuTh 11:00 am - 12:15 pm
Location: CCC 1100

Instructors: David TomblinMatthew Aruch
​Credits: 3
Partner Institution: University of Cuenca, Ecuador
Restriction: Must be in the College Park Scholars Science, Technology & Society (CPSS) program.
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Course Description: Exploration and understanding of ways science and technology shape and are shaped by society.
Offered for the first time, course participants will learn and investigate STS concepts and case studies in collaboration with engineering faculty and students from the University of Cuenca in Ecuador. Throughout the course, UMD and Ecuadorian student teams will work on a research project for the College Park Scholars Academic Showcase in May 2018.

“Global Classrooms” beneficia estudiantes de ingeniería

Award Year: 2017

Name of Faculty: Matthew Aruch(link is external)

Title & Affiliation: Assistant Director; Science, Technology and Society

Title of Proposed Course: Concepts, Frameworks and Research in Science and Technology Studies

Partner Institution: University of Cuenca, Ecuador

The course uses STS frameworks to research science and technology initiatives in the United States and Ecuador. First, students are introduced to a suite of STS analytic tools. Next, students will identify and select a science/ technology program/ policy to investigate. In addition to virtual and linked classroom sessions, students from the US and Ecuador will use technology to work together around their research project. Working with their international partners in Ecuador, students will interrogate their selected topic using STS analytic tools. Working together students can critically analyze a socio-technical system. The idea is that if they choose a technology or program in Ecuador, UMD students will have the option to continue their studies and meet their international partner during the January term during the STS study abroad.