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Spring 2018 - Special Topics in Arts and Humanities; Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Quality

ARHU398Q: Special Topics in Arts and Humanities; Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Quality
Time: M 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: VMH 1518

Instructor: David Ashley
Credits: 3
Partner Institution: University of Queensland, Australia, and Linköping University, Sweden
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Course Description: This course builds on the foundation concepts of quality and substantially broadens our field of view to include a global perspective on quality. Specifically, we consider the subjective, customer-created definition of quality and the social and cultural forces that shape customer perspectives. We explore the differences in quality perceptions between US and non-US consumers, the sources of these differences, and the challenges they present in measuring expectations, performance, and customer satisfaction in a multinational business environment. This project-based course will examine international quality standards and cross-cultural measures of equivalence.


Award Year: 2015
Name of Faculty: Jeffrey W. Herrmann
Title and Affiliation: Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Institute for Systems Research
Title of Proposed Course: Global Consulting and Innovation Practicum
Partner Institution: Linköping University

Students at the University of Maryland, the University of Queensland, and Linköping University​ will work together on virtual teams (approximately 2 or 3 students from each university to create a team of four to six students) for an entire semester (approximately 14 weeks) to solve real-world problems provided by off-campus clients (both here in Maryland and near our partner institutions). Each team will work with one client (project sponsor). The assignment of students to project teams will depend upon student availability, expertise, interest, logistical considerations, and project requirements. The problems will be related to quality management, process improvement, and systems design.