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Stephen Brush

Distinguished University Professor, Emeritus
2117 Taliaferro Hall
College Park, MD 20742
Work Phone: 
301 405 4846
Expert Credentials: 

Professor Brush has published several books and articles on the history of modern physical science, including a book on the history of the kinetic theory of gases that won the Pfizer Award of the History of Science Society in 1977.

Latest article: "Anachronism and the History of Science." Scientia Poetica, Jahrbuch für Geschichte der Literatur und der Wissenschaften, vol. 8, pp. 255-264 (2004)

Latest book: The Kinetic Theory of Gases An Anthology of Classic Papers with Historical Commentary by Stephen G. Brush London: Imperial College Press, 2003

He is currently conducting a comparative study of the reasons why scientists accept (or reject) theories in the physical, biological, behavioral and social sciences, based on historical cases such as Einstein's general theory of relativity, Mendeleev's periodic table, Morgan's chromosome theory of heredity, and Gurr's "relative deprivation" theory of riots and rebellions. Other interests include the creation-evolution controversy and the participation of women in science (past and present). He teaches courses in the history of science at all levels, and participates in the graduate program in history and philosophy of science. He received the "Joseph H. Hazen Education Prize" of the History of Science Society.

Area of Expertise: 

The history of science and technology, the philosophy of science.

Professor Brush's long-term project is a comparative study of theory-evaluation in different sciences, by detailed study of several cases from the history of modern science.

DPhil. History of Science Oxford University