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Steven Mansbach

Distinguished University Professor
4226 Art-Sociology Building
College Park, MD 20742
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STEVEN MANSBACH, Professor of the History of Twentieth-century Art, focuses his research and teaching interests on the genesis and reception of “classical” modern art, roughly from the last quarter of the nineteenth century through the middle of the twentieth. With interests that encompass all of Europe, his specific area of scholarly publication is the art of Central and Eastern Europe from the Baltic north to the Adriatic south. On this topic he has published numerous books, articles, exhibition catalogues, and essays including Riga's Capital Modernism (2013), Graphic Modernism (2007), Modern Art in Eastern Europe: From the Baltic to the Balkans ca. 1890 to 1939, and Standing in the Tempest: Painters of the Hungarian Avant-Garde, among numerous others. He has also taught this subject as a professor in Germany, Poland, Hungary, and South Africa, as well as at several American universities. In addition to holding fellowships and university professorships in the United States, Europe, and Africa, he served almost a decade as associate dean of the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts at Washington's National Gallery of Art and as the founding dean and director of the American Academy in Berlin.

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