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William Dorland

3319 A.V. Williams Building
College Park, MD 20742
Work Phone: 
301 405 1608
Expert Credentials: 

I have a Visiting Reader (Assoc Prof) in the Physics Department at Imperial College, London. I serve on several committees associated with the program of magnetic confinement research, which is increasingly centered in Europe and Japan. I am a Fellow of the American Physical Society. I am currently serving on the American Physical Society's Panel on Public Affairs, which deals with physics issues of national and international significance, including energy, security and education. I am a past Chair of the APS Committee for the International Freedom of Scientists.

Area of Expertise: 

Turbulence, especially plasma turbulence; Nuclear fusion; Solar wind; accretion disk; parallel computing

PhD Astrophysics Princeton University (1993),MPA Public Affairs Princeton University (1993),BS Physics University of Texas at Austin (1988)