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Undeclared Wars on Israel: East Germany and the West German Far Left 1967-1981: An Interview with Jeffrey Herf

Jeffery Herf is Distinguished Professor of History at the University of Maryland.

The Dutch Fight for Research Integrity

Every researcher will be questioned. New funds will go toward replication of findings.

Intercultural Learning: Bringing Refugees and Their Adopted Communities Together

The opinions expressed in Global Learning are strictly those of the author(s). 

Brexit and the Academy

British citizens vote in a referendum on the U.K.'s continued membership in the E.U. Thursday. What's at stake for higher education? 

The Brexit Challenge to Universities

The U.K.'s referendum on exiting the E.U. has the potential to significantly slow the growth of higher education at home and abroad. 

Falling Fish Catches Could Mean Malnutrition in the Developing World

 The world will not be able to fish its way to feeding 10 billion people by midcentury. 

Global Leadership League for Women Launches

A new Global Leadership League aimed at empowering women working in international education, a “virtual golf club”, had its official launch. 

European Universities ‘Losing Monopoly’ Over Research

Danish academic says that building a knowledge economy is no longer a ‘dominant wish’ for country leaders. 

Shifting Grounds in Higher Education Partnerships

I will single out three emerging—and “progressive”—trends with some implications for African higher education. 

US Tops Global Soft Power Ranking

The US at the top of the table because of its strength in higher education, cultural production and technological innovation.