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Social Science Research in Madagascar: It’s a Jungle

David Mould had to navigate cartoon lemurs & other barriers in order to help local academics study factors hindering development.  

Focus on Interdisciplinary Research Or Lose Out, Academics Warned

Iain Gillespie, former research and innovation director at Nerc, explains why the University of Leicester is setting up four new institutes. 

Race to Rio

Alum and hurdle hopeful set for upcoming Olympic trials. 

Brexit's Enrollment Effects

Following the Brexit vote, many anticipate a drop in the number of E.U. students at U.K. universities. 

Brexit: Future EU Research Money for UK May Rely On Free Movement

Sector warned that Brexit vote may also leave ‘big question mark’ over current funding. 

Distinguished University Professor Appointed to Swedish Knighthood

At a ceremony, the Swedish Minister of Justice, Morgan Johanson, announced the appointment recognizing Sherman.

Race to Save Hidden Treasures Under Threat from Climate Change

Thousands of ancient treasures that have been unearthed by climate change could soon be lost. 

Undeclared Wars on Israel: East Germany and the West German Far Left 1967-1981: An Interview with Jeffrey Herf

Jeffery Herf is Distinguished Professor of History at the University of Maryland.

The Dutch Fight for Research Integrity

Every researcher will be questioned. New funds will go toward replication of findings.

Intercultural Learning: Bringing Refugees and Their Adopted Communities Together

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