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What Freshmen Will Read

Immigration and racial injustice are topics of choice for common reading choices this year. 

Four Things That Must Happen to Protect Higher Education After Brexit

UCU's Sally Hunt warns that if people from the EU no longer feel welcome in UK universities, it damages the international academic reputation.

UMD Poll Sheds Light on American Attitudes Surrounding Orlando, the Middle East & U.S. Election

Americans hold a more favorable view of Muslims and Islam today than they did eight months ago. 

Is Globalism a Job Killer?

The Brexit also fed a larger debate, playing out in Europe and the United States, about the merits of globalism.  

Fellowship to Study Second-Generation Immigrants

In memory of his son, Li is giving $1.2 million to UMD to create the Calvin J. Li Endowed Fellowship in Asian American Studies.

A Recipe for Engagement

New York University at Shanghai experiments with educational videos to study how it can reach Chinese students online. 

New Partnerships for Study Group in US Expansion

Global education provider Study Group has announced two new partnerships in the US. 

Study Abroad Journal to Help Articulate Goals

A US study abroad afficionado has created a journal, primarily for US students going abroad, in order to help them articulate their experiences and goals. 

University Degree Remains ‘A Remote Dream’ for Many in Latin America

Latin America needs a HE system that promotes equality across the region, says Carolina Guzmán-Valenzuela. 

Why Academics Were Ignored With Brexit

An often anti-intellectual campaign to leave the EU triumphed, leaving scholars in Britain wondering why so many appear to distrust them.