UMD: A Globally Connected University


Protecting Values in Overseas Ventures

Universities that set up shop globally should work to uphold principles such as academic freedom. 

Brexit Government 'Would Fund EU Research Programmes Until 2020'

UUK warns that EU funding 'goes beyond money' after open letter from pro-Leave ministers. 

The Massification of Higher Education: Chinese Student Experiences

Is class becoming as important as academic attainment in China? asks Ka Ho Mok. 

EU Impact on Life Sciences

Committee comes to no firm conclusion on whether common framework for research & commercialisation is good for the UK. 

GoAbroad Awards Reward Innovation in International Ed

LGBTQ ally training, emergency scholar funds and sending a US university mascot “across the pond” were some of the initiatives that were celebrated. 

Personal Touch Key to Recruiting Indian Undergrads

Demand for international Indian undergraduate study is now growing.

Education Reform in India: Capturing the 'Demographic Dividend'

India's population is growing younger: by 2020 the average age will be 29.

Asia Society Global Education Efforts and Chinese Language Initiatives Recognized at U.S.-China Dialogue in Beijing

Asia Society’s work in global education was recognized this week at the annual U.S.-China Consultation.

'Universities in a Dangerous World'

The biennial Scholars at Risk gathering focuses on threats to scholars and academic values globally. 

US-China 100,000 Strong Foundation Rebrands

The 100,000 Strong Foundation, set up to enhance relations between the US and China, has this week rebranded.