UMD: A Globally Connected University


Publicity-Shy Academics

In the Middle East and North Africa, many researchers don't boast about their findings, explains one expert.

UMD Researchers Examine Health Care Access for Booming Immigrant Populations on Maryland's Eastern Shore

The research team discovered large groups of men, women and children from Haiti and Latin America attracted to the Eastern Shore. 

EU Directive Eases Work, Residence Rules For Non-EU Students

The European Commission has announced visa rules that will make it easier for non-EU students and researchers to work during their studies.

From Singapore to Santa Fe

An education company based in the Asian state seeks to buy the Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

UMD Students Work Together to Have a Global Impact

Students enrolled in the class Global Perspectives on Leading and Investing in Social Change worked to create social change.

A Letter From an Activist: The Fight for Undocumented Students

As an undocumented student,  I am erased and excluded on a daily basis by the policies and procedures on this campus.

Universitas 21 Brings Global Opportunities to UMD Graduate Students

The University of Maryland Graduate School creates opportunities to enhance our students’ global education.

Higher Education and Research Bill announced in Queen’s Speech

The government is to introduce a Higher Education and Research Bill in the coming Parliament.

World insight: Think Beyond ‘Narrow Academic Pursuits’ to Tackle Global Problems

Universities should take responsibility for the betterment of society, says Michael Crow.

Brexit Would Put Off International Students, Survey Shows

Loss of fee income if Britain leaves EU could be worth £700 million a year, claims new report.