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World insight: Think Beyond ‘Narrow Academic Pursuits’ to Tackle Global Problems

Universities should take responsibility for the betterment of society, says Michael Crow.

Brexit Would Put Off International Students, Survey Shows

Loss of fee income if Britain leaves EU could be worth £700 million a year, claims new report.

Top Down or Bottom Up?

In the last decades higher education has become massified and, in many countries, universal. 

'Flips on a Ship' - Alum Cruises Caribbean, Europe as Acrobatic Performer

She and five other acrobats perform five days a week.

British Government's Vision for Revamping Higher Ed

Among the proposals, the government has called for increasing competition.

Going Global: Universities Key to Gender Equality

Universities have a big role to play in the UN’s HeForShe campaign, aiming to establish gender parity worldwide.

CISSM Graduate Fellow Nancy Hayden Wins Dissertation Prize

Scholars have struggled for decades to understand why certain civil conflicts persist over time.

Going Global: More HE Cooperation Needed Within Africa

More intra-African and South-South cooperation is needed in higher education at both the institutional and government level.

Jennifer Guida Receives Fellowship Grant to Conduct Research in China

Jennifer Guida, Ph.D. student in Epidemiology, awarded with an International Graduate Research Fellowship.

Undergraduate Elliott Rebello receives De Luca Prize

Elliott Rebello received the Antonio and...