UMD: A Globally Connected University


Turkey's Fraying International Ties

A crackdown on Turkey’s higher education sector after a failed coup has far-reaching effects for academic collaboration. 

China: What Are the Lessons of Expansion

New report indicates that more doesn’t always mean more equal. 

Improve Language Training for Syrian Refugees, Report Urges

Speaking additional languages including French, English and Turkish can help Syrian refugees to access higher education and employment. 

The Big Chill

Robert Legvold gives a succinct, lucid, fairly dispassionate and almost incessantly even-handed presentation of relations between the US & Russia. 

UK: No Let-Up for Student Migrants, Says May

Theresa May, is reportedly planning a further crackdown on international student visas. 

Int’l Alumni Network Set to Reach 100,000

An international alumni network has been established in Asia. 

English To Be Second Language in Vietnam HE

Educational institutions in Vietnam have been directed to implement English as a second language on campus. 

How to Encourage and Model Global Citizenship in the Classroom

What are teachers doing to support online learning both locally and globally? 

Studio “Bridges the Gap” Between Continents and Cultures

Winning designs seek to heal the wounds of war. 

Speaker Uninvited to Academic Freedom Event

U of Cape Town rescinds speaking invitation to Danish publisher of cartoons of Muhammad, citing security concerns and risk of polarization.