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UMD Journalism Students & International Students Cover Republican and Democratic National Conventions

The CNS convention crew includes journalists from the University of Maryland, as well as Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom and Penn State University.

'Unprecedented' Purge in Turkey

The space for academic freedom in Turkey has been shrinking. 

Turkey Purge: EUA Condemns Move On University Deans

Hundreds of deans have been ordered to resign while academics have been told not to travel abroad for work in the wake of the failed coup. 

Clinton Pledges Green Cards for STEM Grads

Hillary Clinton has pledged to “staple” green cards to student visas for international students completing STEM courses at master’s or PhD level. 

UK: May Takes Office, Moves HE to Dept for Ed

UK’s new prime minister, Theresa May, has moved oversight of the higher education sector to the Department for Education. 

Saudi Enrollment Declines

After years of rapid growth, enrollments are declining on many campuses, in some cases precipitously. 

Third Intercultural Ed Documentary Tackles Race in US

The installment explores race and multiculturalism within the US through education.

Univ Scientists Create New Technology to Track Climate Change

UMD held a climate action forum in May, and scientists at the university are continuing their innovation to track its effects.

Study UK Relaunches as Independent Higher Education

As part of a major overhaul of its strategy, the association will step back from its representation of non-HE members.