UMD: A Globally Connected University


MCI’s Inaugural College and High School Summer Programs (07/14) / 美华中心首批中国学生夏令营项目

This summer, the Maryland China Initiative hosted its first-ever program designed for college and high school students.

UMD Establishes Orbital Debris Research Center

Aerospace Engineering Associate Professor, Raymond Sedwick, leads creation of ...

UMD Researchers Track China's "Water Footprint"

Professors Klaus Hubacek and Laixiang Sun (GEOG) show how disproportionate consumption of water by China's wealthier regions has environmental impacts and potential future...

UMD Student Leads August Medical Aid Trip to Guatemala

UMD student, Madeeha Lughmani, will lead the annual Gift of Health medical aid trip to Guatemala, August 2-9.  To learn more about this trip, including information on how...

UMD Faculty Work Supports Sustainable Farming, Climate Prediction in India

Dr. Raghu Murtugudde, Professor of  Atmospheric and Oceanic Science and CBFS Executive Director at the UMD Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, is working with...

UMD Grad Students Partner with Italian Peers on Cell Research

UMD partnership with U of Trento brings grad students together on major research publication on controlling living cells with artificial cells.

UMD and Tel Aviv U. Announce first Joint Research Workshops

Two teams of faculty and graduate students from UMD and Tel Aviv University (TAU) have been awarded $15,000 grants to hold Joint Research Workshops.

U21 International Photo Competition

Universitas 21 is launching a new photo contest that will offer cash prizes for the best photo to represent the title “Working Worldwide.”

UMD Ranks Top 10 in the Nation for Receiving Critical Language Scholarships

This year’s total of nine Critical Language Scholarships (CLS) is the highest ever for Maryland.