UMD: A Globally Connected University


How to Encourage and Model Global Citizenship in the Classroom

What are teachers doing to support online learning both locally and globally? 

Studio “Bridges the Gap” Between Continents and Cultures

Winning designs seek to heal the wounds of war. 

Cheating Found in ACT-Owned Preparatory Program

A Reuters investigation found evidence of cheating in a preparatory program owned by a Hong Kong-based subsidiar. 

Majoring in Diversity

Hamilton College's new requirement that all majors incorporate diversity into their curricula sparks debate. 

'The Politics of Innovation'

Author asks why some countries are better than others at science and technology. 

Australia: Confidence High Among Educators Despite Long Federal Election

Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberal-National Coalition has formed a government in Australia and announced a new international education minister. 

From Books to Journals

British academics shift the way they share scholarship. 

The Chilcot Report: the Longest Work of Academic History Ever?

The report’s deep meditation on foreign policy makes it more than an inquest. 

Diversity Index Developed for Study Searches

Hotcourses introduced a new metric that allows students to filter search results based on the diversity of the international student body. 

UMD Journalism Students & International Students Cover Republican and Democratic National Conventions

The CNS convention crew includes journalists from the University of Maryland, as well as Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom and Penn State University.