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New Partnerships for Study Group in US Expansion

Global education provider Study Group has announced two new partnerships in the US. 

Study Abroad Journal to Help Articulate Goals

A US study abroad afficionado has created a journal, primarily for US students going abroad, in order to help them articulate their experiences and goals. 

University Degree Remains ‘A Remote Dream’ for Many in Latin America

Latin America needs a HE system that promotes equality across the region, says Carolina Guzmán-Valenzuela. 

Why Academics Were Ignored With Brexit

An often anti-intellectual campaign to leave the EU triumphed, leaving scholars in Britain wondering why so many appear to distrust them. 

Brexit Shows How Much We Need International Education

EU referendum campaign exposed clear divisions within British society. 

In a Globalized World, are Non-Westerners Seen As Fully Human?

After Attacks on Muslims, Many Ask: Where Is the Outpouring?

Russia: Project 5-100 Doubles Foreign Students

Russia’s flagship higher education internationalisation initiative, Project 5-100, is beginning to see results. 

ELS Expands in Japan, India to Support US Growth

ELS Educational Services is undergoing a strategic expansion to support its pathway growth in the US that will open up new recruitment channels in Japan and India. 

‘Not Dead Yet’ Britian Insists

Albert Kyle, a UMD finance professor,  says foreign investment might even increase following the UK’s vote to withdraw from the European Union. 

Working Together, We Have a Real Chance to Make Global Education a Reality

World leaders tasked with exploring education funding have a clear message for the UN secretary general: to put schooling first is to put society first.