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Menyae Christopher

Menyae Christopher

Program: USAC Germany: German Language, European Studies and Engineering in Luneburg
Term: Spring 2015
Major: Government & Politics and German

Studying abroad has given me life long friends, and the friendships I made in Germany have also followed me across the Atlantic. Personally, it’s given me lessons and an experience to fall back on. Anytime I think that something is beyond my ability, I recall what I have accomplished and the skills that studying abroad gave me. Being abroad also gave me confidence in my ability to adapt. I feel like I could move anywhere in the world and be prosperous. 

Advice for future #TerpsAbroad: Studying abroad is an experience you will never forget, one that is unique to you and how you decide to live it. It's learning outside the classroom, where class is probably the only normal thing you experience on a regular basis. It's building relationships with a land and people that were foreign to you. It's a memory that will make you smile to yourself for hours. It's an experience that you cannot afford to miss.

My most memorable experience was walking aimlessly in the massive gardens behind the Nymphenburg Castle. I thought about the chain of events that got me to this point – three years of college, taking German class, failing German class only to commit myself to the language fully. I could have never imagined it. The experiences I had and the friends I made were amazing. I was happy that I had done it and sad that it was over.​