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Anna McKeown

Anna McKeown

Program: Maryland-in-Sevilla
Term: Spring 2014
Major: Spanish

Study Abroad was SO magnificent that I began to work in the Education Abroad office. After my first semester abroad, I studied abroad twice more. 

Advice for future #TerpsAbroad: It's okay to go abroad alone! Take time to discover who YOU are separated from your normal world. 

Feria, the annual celebration in Sevilla, was about 4 days away and the entire town was bustling with excitement. Men dress in their finest suits and the women wear a different traje gitana (flamenco dress) every year. My friends and I spent one afternoon frantically walking around the Spanish streets searching for second-hand dresses to wear. After hours of looking, we stumbled upon dresses in an antique furniture store. During the festival we blended in with the crowd, danced with the locals, and felt like we belonged to Sevilla. 

Advice for future #TerpsAbroad: Homestays are the BEST! Let yourself be vulnerable and live with a local family to learn the language and eat some killer food.