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Brittany Spraker

Brittany Spraker

ProgramGroupe ESA: France
Term: Summerterm 2017
Major: Food Science & Microbiology 

Studying abroad not only changed my college experience, but my whole future. In France, I fell in love with the culture and decided that I wanted to take my career global. Before I planned on graduating and going right into the workforce. Now, I am learning French, applying for graduate school in France, and my future has been completely redirected. ​

Advice for future #TerpsAbroad: I would tell students to understand the culture and climate they are entering. Do some research yourself and ask people you know that have been there what it’s like. Even if you do this, you may not know exactly what will happen or how you will be perceived, but just remember you might want to understand and the people you interact with may not want to understand.

My most memorable experience abroad was seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. It was at the end of my trip and with friends I made from my program. The sight was awe-inspiring and the people that were with me have become great life-long friends. ​ 

The hardest part about studying was not being in my normal community. I adjusted to this by making friends and doing my best to get to know my host family.