The University of Maryland and China have a long and storied history.


We have trained close to 10,000 Chinese government officials and experts since 1996. 从1996年至今,中国事务办公室已累计为一万余名中国政府官员及高校管理人员提供培训服务。

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Studying Chinese at UMD is a rewarding experience, both for personal and career development.

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Higher Education in Innovation: Yunnan Industry and Information Technology Visits UMD

Yunnan Technology Commission visits campus to learn about economic development and innovation in the United States.

Anhui Environmental Protection Department Looks to Remediate Heavy Metal Contamination in Farmlands

Anhui Province Environmental Protection Department learns about U.S. experiences on heavy metal soil pollution assessment and remediation.

Anhui Training Group Hopes Innovation will Move China’s Economy Forward

A delegation of Anhui Province government officials took part in a five-week training program to learn about innovation in the United States.