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MCI’s Inaugural College and High School Summer Programs (07/14) / 美华中心首批中国学生夏令营项目

MCI’s Inaugural College and High School Summer Programs (07/14) / 美华中心首批中国学生夏令营项目

Over the course of two weeks this summer, the Maryland China Initiative hosted its first-ever programs designed for college and high school students. Each day was filled with plans both on- and off-campus, and the groups truly enjoyed their time at the University of Maryland before continuing on to New York and Los Angeles for the next segments of their trips.


The college group consisted of 25 students and 3 faculty members from Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) and Shandong University. They arrived at Phi Sigma Kappa on July 20th for an eleven-day program. While on campus they attended classes with UMD professors and staff: sample lectures on a variety of topics, discussions on higher education in the U.S. and intercultural communication, and Q&As about graduate student life. They also met with Chinese graduate students for a roundtable on studying in the U.S. (pictured above center). After classes wrapped up for the day, the group had full access to the Eppley Recreation Center, and for one afternoon they had exclusive access to its 55-foot outdoor climbing wall (above right).

The college students’ program also included visits to a number of famous sights in the DC-Maryland-Virginia region, including the National Mall, the Walters Art Museum, Fort McHenry, the Baltimore Inner Harbor, the Maryland State House (above left), Mount Vernon, and the Udvar-Hazy Center. In addition to their UMD campus tour, the group attended tours of Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, and the U.S. Naval Academy.


The high school group, which arrived on July 27th, was composed of 32 students and 4 administrators from middle and high schools in Changshu, Jiangsu province. During the week they spent at the University of Maryland they stayed in a dorm and, like the college students, ate most of their meals at the South Campus Dining Hall. Their schedule included a tour of campus (above left and center), an undergraduate information session on UMD, classes on intercultural communication and English strengthening (above right), visits to the local library and fire department and the Udvar-Hazy Center, and several tours of DC.

As the pictures show, the student programs were a great success! We plan to expand the number of them offered next summer. Check back for more information about upcoming programs, or contact us at 301-405-0208.