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UMD Students Join Secretary of State in Beijing (07/14) / 马大学子陪同国务卿克里访华

UMD Students Join Secretary of State in Beijing (07/14) / 马大学子陪同国务卿克里访华

UMD students Esther “Lou” Robinson (’14) and Jessica Liu (’16) were selected to travel to Beijing this July as part of the High-level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange (CPE), the primary government-to-government exchange mechanism between the U.S. and China. The CPE was held at the Great Hall of the People, China’s parliamentary building, to recognize 35 years of U.S.-China relations. The session was led by U.S. Secretary of State Kerry and Chinese Vice-Premier Liu Yandong.

Robinson and Liu were two of the three American students chosen to participate in a two-day policy negotiation simulation as part of the CPE, in cooperation with Peking University, the Brookings Institution, the AmericanMandarin Society, and the Dialogue Group. Robinson represented China’s Minister of Commerce and Liu represented the CEO of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, as U.S., China, and African Union teams negotiated the terms for a joint development fund for Africa. They were coached by well-known think-tank scholars from the U.S. and China. At the end of the program Robinson and Liu were invited to the CPE plenary session in the Great Hall of the People. The program was arranged and led by newly-arrived UMD Director of China Affairs Nat Ahrens.

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