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China Study Plan

China Study Plan


The Confucius China Study Plan is set up by Hanban, the Confucius Institute headquarters, to foster deep understanding of China and Chinese culture among young elites from around the world, to enable the prosperous growth of China studies, to promote the sustainable development of Confucius Institutes, and to enhance the friendly relationship between China and other countries. The Confucius China Study Plan (CCSP) is a new program that features plans of study from six months up to two years.

Application Requirements and Procedures

Applicants for the Sino-Foreign joint Ph.D. subprogram and the Ph.D. in China subprogram should log in to the Confucius China Study Plan website, set up an individual account, download and fill out the application form, upload the relevant certification materials, and submit and print out the form. Please send the signed application form and other application materials to Hanban and the Chinese university (including the Chinese versions).

The HSK test score of the applicants for the Sino-Foreign joint Ph.D. subprogram should be no less than level 3, and for a Ph.D. in China subprogram no less than level 5.

In general, eligible candidates should be under 40 years of age.

If there is only one university for your selected topic and you are not admitted, then your situation cannot be adjusted by Hanban.

Applicants should submit their applications, including the Chinese versions, to Hanban by February 28 of each year. Hanban will organize a CCSP Expert Committee to conduct the appraisals and interviews. The result of the appraisals will be announced in Spring. The first batch of candidates will start their programs beginning the following Fall. The starting and termination time of other subprograms will be determined in accordance with their specific situations.

Subsidies and Financial Support

The subsidies for the Sino-Foreign joint Ph.D. subprogram, Ph.D. in China subprogram, and the “Understanding China” visiting scholar subprogram may include: in-China research funds, tuition, lodging and living stipend, library stipend, in-China health and accident insurance, as well as expenditures for attending academic conferences in related areas (one time per year), round-trip international transportation, and support for other living and working conditions provided by the Chinese and/or overseas universities hosting the program. Please log on for information about specific amount of subsidies. For short-term programs of less than one year, subsidies will be provided in accordance to students’ practical needs. Subsidies for publishing and international conferences will be appraised and decided by the CCSP Expert Committee, based on actual needs.

 For More Information

Explore the Confucius China Study Plan website, to learn more about the scholarship.

  • Have specific questions about the program? Please contact the related person of each region by choosing “Contact Us.”
  • Questions about the application system? Contact us or call 86-10-59301133.
  • Questions about research topics? Please download the file “Contact person of Chinese university” to contact the related supervisors.