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Chinese Bridge Language Competition


Fun with Chinese! 

汉语桥比赛 (“Hanyu Qiao Bisai”)

The Chinese Bridge Language Competition for elementary, middle, and senior high school students is an annual regional language competition hosted by the Confucius Institute at Maryland (CIM), usually held in April at the University of Maryland. (The COLLEGE level is now hosted by George Mason University’s Confucius Institute)

The purpose of the competition is to highlight and celebrate Chinese language competence and provide an exciting forum for competition in another language.

Why a “bridge”? So that we can connect our cultures! 

Non-native Chinese (first language is NOT Chinese) K-12 students from the greater Washington, D.C. area (MD, VA, D.C., DE) are invited to compete in our region. Others outside this area are welcome to inquire. 

The 3 segments of the competition include:

  1. Presentation of a 3-minute speech in Chinese on the given theme or topic;
  2. Q & A section, for middle and high school teams, consisting of 2 questions from the speech portion, and 2 questions drawn from pre-prepared material; 
  3. Presentation of a 3-4 minute cultural performance (song, dance, martial arts, humor, tongue-twister, drama, cultural demo, etc.).

There is no cost to compete! If you come from out of town, you will need to cover your own hotel and transportation as needed, but we can give recommendations on nearby lodging.

The winner from the UMD HIGH SCHOOL competition travels with other regional winners worldwide to the city of Chongqing in China for a three-week summer “camp” and the final rounds of international rivalry.

For more information about the global competitions, please visit the website dedicated to Chinese Bridge.

If you are interested in registering for the next Chinese Bridge Language Competition, please contact CIM.