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Chinese Language Classes for Adults


The Confucius Institute at Maryland offers Chinese language courses at all levels from beginner to advanced and for students with specialized needs such as learning Chinese at an accelerated pace or for business transactions. Please connect to the 2019 registration form for adult classes below.

Types of Classes:

  • Beginner classes focus primarily on speaking and listening skills. Beginner I classes are geared to students with no prior study of the language, and Beginner II classes are designed for students with the equivalent of one semester of Chinese language at a college level.

  • The intermediate classes include more focus on reading and writing skills, in addition to listening and speaking. Our Intermediate Business Chinese class prepares the student for real-life international business interactions and introduces the method of entering Chinese characters on the computer. 

  • Among our advanced classes, lessons focus on newspaper reading skills, business context, and translation skills. 

  • We also offer intensive or specialized classes, such as one-on-one training or programs customized for groups in a particular technical area or industry.

Dates: Classes vary in the fall, winter, spring, and summer semesters, roughly based on the UMD academic schedule. 6-, 8-, 10-, and 14-week classes with four hours of instruction per week (two-hour classes, twice a week

Times:  6-8 p.m. or 7–9 p.m. Please note:  times may vary depending on students’ needs.

Fees: $30 per class

  • 6 weeks: $360 including books & CDs;         
  • 8 weeks: $480 including books & CDs;        
  • 10 weeks: $600 including books & CDs; and
  • 14 weeks: $840 including books & CDs.

Payment for classes may be made in the form of checks or money orders (made payable to the University of Maryland) and must be received no later than the first day of class. No cash, please.

Registration and Forms:

Registration Deadline: Anytime   

Class location: Confucius Institute, 4131 Susquehanna Hall, College Park, MD 20742

For general registration information, placement interviews, and other class details, please contact James Cui and/or Rebecca McGinnis.


Course descriptions:

Winter Intensive Chinese Language Courses

Time:  Offered on demand, 30 hours of intensive instruction.

Locations: 1) Rockville site near Rockville Metro, if there is enough demand.

                       2) UMD, CIM, 4131 Susquehanna Hall, College Park, MD 20742

Levels: Beginning, intermediate, advanced levels

Fees: $480, including books and CDs

Registration: Mid-December through January 3.

This intensive option will offer approximately three hours of in-class language daily, depending on student interest.

  • Beginner Level:  Content for the beginner class will include introduction to tones and pronunciation, speaking practice at sentence and then phrase levels, and writing practice at word and phrase levels, with increasing complexity.
  • Intermediate Level: For slightly more advanced students, practice of tones and pronunciation, more focus on conversation is expected, and writing in words and phrases.
  • Advanced Level: For more advanced students, topics can reflect current events, newspaper readings, and discussion of films, with more writing; based on interest.

For general registration information, placement interviews, and other class details, please contact Jianxin (James) Cui, and/or Rebecca McGinnis