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Past Youth Events

Past Youth Events



February 7

International Culture Day at Reid Temple Academy, with a Chinese culture table, activities including character writing, Spring crafts, dress-up, and learning to use chopsticks.

February 16

Asian Career Fair at Paint Branch Elementary School, where information about careers in many fields utilizing Chinese language was shared with the students.

May 3

Chinese Bridge Language Competition for elementary, middle, and high school level competitors.

April 26

Maryland Day, CIM hosted a Chinese Culture table that boasted some crazy fun including guessing interesting dried food items; “Pick a Stick,” based on a traditional temple activity to learn one’s fortune; and receiving a Chinese name.



March 26 & 27

Chinese Culture Day at Confucius Classroom at Paint Branch Elementary School with crafts and activities. 

April 20

Chinese Bridge Language Competition for elementary, middle, and high school students.

April 23

School visit to CIM by Reid Temple Middle School.

April 25

Chinese Culture Appreciation breakfast event at Paint Branch School.

May 24

Chinese Culture table for Chinese Culture Day at Paint Branch School, CIM’s Confucius Classroom.

June 6

School visits to Paint Branch School’s and Garrison Forest School’s Confucius Classrooms.


CIM offices relocated to new space in Susquehanna Hall.

October 7

“My Chinese Dream” Culture Celebration, with music, dance, calligraphy, martial arts, Stamp Student Union. 7 area schools visited and participated.

October 24-
November 7

Exhibition of photographs from Kunlun Nature Preserve in Qinghai, China at Paint Branch Elementary School’s Confucius Classroom.

Fall 2013

Every two weeks: School visit to Paint Branch Elementary School’s Confucius Classroom for lunch-time China Adventures with cultural activities.