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Health and Safety Resources

Health and Safety Resources

Your well-being is our utmost priority at every stage in the study abroad experience.


Alert-Traveler |  International Health Insurance through CISI  |  Pre-Departure Orientation

Alert-Traveler - Local Resources & Emergency Support System


UMD students, faculty, and staff participating in study abroad programs have access and are strongly encouraged to use the AlertTraveler (AT) phone app for the duration of their study abroad experience.  AT is a very important part of the health and safety network of resources in place to support the wellbeing of all participants on study abroad programs.  The app is available for download to iOS or Android mobile devices.  Participants are eligible to download AT 60 days from your MyEA itinerary’s start date.

Benefits of AlertTraveler:

  • Safety alerts. AlertTraveler (AT) keeps you informed of health, safety and security issues specific to your travel locations.  AT uses your MyEA itinerary to send country and city specific safety and security alerts and intelligence. 
  • Enable location services. Enabling location services on your mobile device allows AT to send  targeted alerts based on your GPS location, down to the city level. We strongly encourage travelers to enable location services. Doing so provides you with AT’s optimal service – putting timely, location specific health, safety and security information at your fingertips immediately.
  • Safety check-in. Another important feature of the app is the instant check-in option.  This helps Education Abroad quickly reach out to you when emergencies arise to see if you are okay or if you need assistance. You can also proactively request help in emergencies.  
  • Other features. Other helpful features include info pages on security, local 911 equivalent numbers, travel logistics, political conditions, health advisories, and culture.

Need more information?

The following brief videos (most are 1 to 2 minutes long) demonstrate the app’s functions and show how to activate it:

For more information about AT you can access frequently asked questions, or take a look at the app’s user guide.

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Pre-Departure Orientation

As a study abroad student, you are required to attend an in-person orientation where EA advisors will review topics of health and safety while abroad. For your convenience, some of these topics are also covered in the following orientation videos. We also suggest that U.S. Citizens planning to study abroad review the International Travel Safety Information for Students published by the U.S. Department of State.

During the pre-departure orientation and in meetings with your EA advisor, you will cover the following topics:

  • Appointments and paperwork associated with physical and mental health
  • Researching political and cultural norms in your host country
  • General safety practices abroad
  • Emergency procedures and review of insurance policies
  • Important documents to bring abroad

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