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Kassel International Summer University (ISU)


Hessen International Summer University Kassel
June 22 - July 20, 201

What's the scoop?

The Hessen International Summer University [ISU] offers a three to four-week academic programs, which feature the strengths of the University of Kassel in environmental sciences and German language and culture. Roughly 60 students, who are placed with German host families for the duration of their stay in Kassel, attend each program. This unique opportunity provides you with the chance to gain insight into German culture and family life. During your time in Kassel, you will be engaged not only in inspiring academic seminars, but also in diverse cultural and social activities. While you select your seminars from either the engineering or the culture module, all participants join the language classes and enjoy the extensive extracurricular activities together.

The University of Kassel plays a leading role in environmental engineering in Germany, and has contributed significantly to the advancement of renewable energy technologies worldwide through its academic research and innovative technology transfer. Taught by internationally renowned faculty members, ISU offers the best opportunities to study today’s global environmental challenges from a German perspective.

What do I take?

Students should choose one of the three modules listed below. In addition, all students will take a German Language course.

Module A: Historical & Cultural Studies
Select 2 from the following seminars:
• The German Fairy Tale: Looking-glass of society
• German History and Politics
• Intercultural Communication

Module B: Engineering
Select 2 from the following seminars:
• Adaption Strategies to Climate Change
• Environmental Engineering & Renewable Energies
• Introduction to Earthquake Engineering
• Risk Management in Environmental Engineering

Module C: Nano Science
Students will attend the following seminars:
• Nano Science
• Intercultural Communication

Syllabi for each of the above listed courses can be found here.

Where do I live?

Kassel’s unique homestay program offers you the exciting chance to experience authentic daily life in Germany first-hand. Staying with a friendly and welcoming family will provide you with one of the quickest and most enjoyable ways to learn German through daily interaction and conversation. Your host family will be there to support you throughout your journey of exploring Germany and discovering its customs and people. They will be your home away from home.

What's the Cost?

~1,990 EUR, for students who apply by the deadline. 
Optional Trip to Berlin (~295EUR)
Both fees exclude personal expenses, some meals, air-ticket expenses, international health insurance (billed by UMD), and Education Abroad fee (billed by UMD).


Application process for engineering programs:

All engineering students should meet with Ms. Jane Fines in the Office of International & Leadership Programs in 1131 Martin Hall before the application deadline.

Step 1:  You should schedule a meeting with Ms. Jane Fines in the Office of International & Leadership Programs located in 1131 Glenn L. Martin Hall.
Step 2:  After you've researched the exchange and made sure you meet the requirements to apply, you should begin an online MyEA application by clicking  "Apply Now"  above and following the instructions.
Step 3:  Complete the host institution application and turn in along with a CV and a transcript to Ms. Jane Fines.


Application Requirements

Minimum Cumulative GPA:  3.0
Language Requirements: None
Application Due Date: March 15

Who's here to help?

Jane Fines coordinates all logistical aspects of the International Summer University Kassel program for engineering students and is responsible for program admissions. If you are interested in the program, please email Jane Fines to schedule an advising appointment.

More Information about the Kassel ISU program can be found on the Kassel website here.  

To apply to this program, you must complete two main steps:

  1. Submit a UMD approval application - start by clicking “apply now” at the top of this page. This application allows UMD Education Abroad to approve your study abroad program selection so you may earn credit in a program outside of UMD.
    This application will require you to meet with your EA advisor, who will communicate important details related to participating in this program. If you do not complete this application by the stated deadline, you may not receive credit for your study abroad program and will lose your student status for the time you are not studying at UMD.
  2. Apply directly to the program provider. After receiving UMD approval, you should submit the program application directly to the program sponsor by their deadline. Your program sponsor will determine your official acceptance to a program. You must adhere to the provider's timeline, eligibility standards, and application requirements.

After being accepted to your program, your EA advisor will guide you through the course pre-approval process where you will determine which credits you will fulfill abroad.

Term Year Application Deadline Admission Notification Program Start Program End
Summerterm 2019 03/15/2019 01/01/2019 06/22/2019 07/20/2019